Contemporaneously with the activation of Law 1939 governing the practice of the the accounting and auditing profession, Wadid Rizklla, Public Accountant, started a single-professional business that turned into a legacy through the decades that followed.

With the Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce in Accounting, Cairo University- faculty of Commerce that he received in 1939 and the Master’s Degree Equivalent (Two-Year Diploma) in Taxation, Cairo University - The Taxation Institute he received in 1949, Wadid Rizkalla had one of the most superb educational backgrounds of his time.

For more than sixty years, he has been acting as a public accountant, external auditor, financial and administrative consultant and a specialist in taxation and feasibility studies. Additionally, he is a founders agent, an expert in company establishment through power of attorney.

Among the many projects that Rizkalla established as a founder’s agent is The Arab Contractors Club, one of the major clubs in Cairo, managing its football team  from establishment until it was listed in the Egyptian Premier League. He also appointed to establish and lay down the bylaws of the Ministry of Development succeeding the 1952 Revolution and the announcement of the Republic. He was also appointed by the Ministry of Supply to be the controller of spinning and weaving companies which ceased to operate after the 23rd of July Revolution in 1952.